Gastroptosis TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for gastroptosis

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Herbal Therapy
1) Internal Medicine

(1) Sinking of qi of middle-jiao
Therapeutic Methods: To promote qi and upraise center qi.
Prescription: Modified Buzhong Yiqi Tang

(2) Hypoactivity of Spleen-yang
Therapeutic Methods: To warm yang
Prescription:Flavored Lizhongjiu

(3) Insufficiency of the Stomach-yin
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish yin and normalize the function of the stomach
Prescription: Modified Yiwei Tang

External Medicine
1) Erma Ointment
Get 10g of the castor bean seed and 2g of the rhizoma powder; pound the castor bean into the paste and mix up with the rhizoma powder; then make them in to a circle cake with the diameter of 2 centimeter and depth of 1 centimeter; shave off the hair around the point of Baihui( with a diameter of 2 centimeter) and place the medical cake on it; fix it with the bandage or other methods; next, keep the patients lying supine and loose the trouser belt; iron the medical cake with a saline bottle(80℃); take it 3 times a day and each time for 3 minutes; each cake can be used for 5 times continuously and should be changed after an interval of one day; 10 days is a course of treatment and it should be taken 2 hours after meals.
Efficiency: To upraise center qi and stem desertion.

1) Patients with the heart disease, high blood pressure, vomiting and hemoptysis and the pregnant women must avoid taking; 2) during the treating period, people should pay attention to take rest, avoid engorgement and severe exercise; 3) avoid sexual intercourse; 4) avoid orally taking the cake to prevent from poisoning; if the position of stomach is 6 centimeters above the bone ridge ligature and the symptoms disappear, the treatment can be finished; 5) the peristole is strengthened and the rising of stomach is obvious, the curative is better; very few patients with nausea, choking sensation in chest and tractive pain or lancinating pain in the lower abdomen after taking medicine and the symptoms will disappear when the treatment is finished.

2) Take 10 grains of the castor bean, 6g of the rhizoma and 3g of the corydalis tuber; pound them into a paste and mix up with the vinegar; apply the mixture on the point of Baihui for 30 minutes and take the Buzhong Yiqi Tang before the application. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Stomachache.

3) Take application on the navel: Take 3g of the castor bean seed (full and clean ones will be better); pound both the ingredients into the paste; mix it up with the water to make the medical dumpling with a shape of pointed upper and round end; the size can be decided according to the size of the navel; fill the medical dumpling in the navel and fix it with the adhesive plaster; take it in the morning and night; place the hot-water bag on the navel for hot pack for 5-10 minutes each time; the temperature of the water should not burn the skin; remove the medical dumplings 4 days later and 3 times for a course of treatment; people can take reexamination with the X-Ray radiography after one course of treatment; people can stop taking medicine if the position of stomach recovers to the normal level ; if not, people should take another course of treatment.

Efficiency: To remove dampness and free the vessels, constrain the lung and astringe the intestines.
Notice: 1) The treatment shouldn’t be taken in the cold or hot days; the temperature indoor around 20℃ will be better; 2) people should lie in bed for rest during the treating period; besides, people should take less exercise, decrease the intake of the tea and soup, eat less food with plenty water and have more meals a day but less food at each time; 3) avoid sexual intercourse; 4) there may be a tractive sensation in the abdomen when taking hot pack and which is a normal phenomena; people should not worry about it; very few patients may have anaphylaxis that should stop the treatment; 5) patient suffering the haematemesis and the pregnant women should not take this treatment.  Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Stomachache.

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