Gastroptosis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for gastroptosis

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1) Take exercises positively such as walking, Qigong, Taiji, etc.

2) Exercise of abdominal muscle: keep a supine position and unbend the legs; raise them up and then put down; repeat the movements for several times; people also can simulate the movements of riding bikes; or take crouching after eating.

3) Abdominal respiration: Hunch the abdomen when inhaling and sink it when exhaling; repeat the movements for several times. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Stomachache.

4) Massage the abdomen: lying supine with the knees bent; press and knead the abdomen with the right hand for 10 minutes after the exercise.

5) Lying in bed for 20-30 minutes and with a position of the head in a low position and the pelvis on a higher place; then move the stomach upwards.

6) The most suitable exercises for treating gastroptosis are the calisthenics, horizontal bar, parallel bars, swimming, etc. These exercises are beneficial for increasing the force of the napes muscle and strengthening the tensity of the gastrointestinal muscle; the exercise can be chosen according to the individual condition and the amount of it should be increased gradually; besides, it should be taken in a persistent way.

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