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How to prevent gastroptosis

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1) Have more meals a day but less food at each time and avoid overeating or excessive hungry; it is helpful to prevent the further injury of the spleen and stomach which will aggravate the gastroptosis; take a little yellow wine a day to invigorate the qi and blood; but it should be forbidden for the patients with a history of bleeding of the upper gastrointestinal tract, liver disease and irritability to the ethanol.

2) Avoid smoking and drinking, greasy, sweet and spicy food and take more digestible food with plenty nutrition. 

3) Increase the intake of the protein which can strengthen the physical force an d muscle force, relieve fatigue and other symptoms, improve the force of the smooth muscle in the stomach wall and promote the increasing of the stomach wall tension and strengthen the peristalsis; the food such as the chicken, fish, lean meat, half-cooked egg, milk, bean curd, soy milk, etc. which won’t influence the digestive absorption if they are cooked for more soft. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Stomachache.
4) Patients should pay attention to prevent the constipation as it will aggravate the gastroptosis; take more fruit and vegetables in ordinary diet as there are plenty of vitamin and cellulose in them; especially the latter can promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis to make the stools loose and prevent from the constipation; take a cup of light salting water or honey and benne oil water also can relieve and eliminate the constipation.

5) People suffering the gastroptosis should avoid heavy work and severe exercise especially after meals.

6) People who want to prevent this disease must keep a positive mood.

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