Hemorrhoids TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for hemorrhoids

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1) Tremella Gruel (Yiner Zhou)
Tremella, 5-10g
Polished round-grained rice, 100g
Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae), 5
Crystal sugar, right amount
PROCESS: Soak tremella in the water for half a day, boil polished round-grained rice into gruel, add Chinese-date, tremella and crystal sugar into the gruel, boil for a while for eating.

2) Boil Sheep Blood with vinegar (Cu Zhu Yangxue)
Sheep blood, 200g
Rice vinegar, table salt, right amount
PROCESSS: Cut clotted sheep blood into small pieces, then add rice vinegar to boil, season it with right amount of table salt for eating. Efficiency: To dispel stasis, stop bleeding and tonify blood. It’s applicable to internal hemorrhoids bleeding in the early stage. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Constipation.

3) Stew Eggplant (Qingzheng Qiezi)
Eggplant, 500g
Mushroom, 50g
Gourmet powder, 2g
Millet wine, 10g
Table salt, 5g
Sesame oil, 10g
Green Chinese onion, 10g
Ginger, 5g
Salad oil, 25g
PROCESS: Wash eggplant clean and remove the peel, cut into pieces, boil the mushroom and remove the pedicel and impurities, wash the green onion clean and cut into pieces, wash the ginger clean and cut into slices, put dried mushroom into the bottom of bowl first, then add eggplant, sprinkle refined salt and gourmet powder, add right amount of hot oil, millet wine and light soup, finally add green onion and ginger slices, cap it and stew over a strong fire for half an hour, then get rid off the onion and ginger, pour into sesame oil for eating. Efficiency: Eggplant has the effect of clearing heat and stopping bleeding, dispersing swelling and relieving pain. It’s applicable to hot-toxin of welling abscess and sores, skin stagnation and ulcer, abscess in mouth and tongue, hemorrhoids, hemafecia, hemorrhinia, etc.

4) Clam and Ginger Gruel (Jiangba Shengjiang Zhou)
Clam, 150g
Polished round-grained rice, 50g
Water, 800mg
Shredded ginger and refined salt, right amount
PROCESS:  Wash clam clean and cut into pieces, wash the polished round-grained rice clean, boil them with shredded ginger and refined salt in the water over a strong fire until it is boiling, then boil into gruel over a slow fire, season it with gourmet powder and sesame oil before eating, take it twice a day with empty stomach. Efficiency: It’s applicable to symptoms of damp-heat, swelling and toxin of welling abscess and sores, fever, thirst, blush, difficult urination, adjuvant treatment of hemorrhoids. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Constipation.

5) Buckwheat, Pig’s Gall Bladder Pill (Qiaomai Zhukudan Wan)
Fresh pig’s gall bladder, 2-3
Buckwheat, 250g
PROCESS: Scissor the pig’s gall bladder, take the juice and mix with buckwheat evenly until it is neither dry not wet, make it into pills, the large just like soybean, dry the pills in the air, take 20-25 pills after supper. Efficiency: Adjuvant treatment of hemorrhoids, relieve mild diarrhea. Take it insistently, 5 days as a course of treatment, repeat taking a course of treatment after two days.

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