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How to prevent hemorrhoids

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(1) Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids should start from diet. Eat less hot pepper, seafood, cold foods and fried foods.

(2) There are many effective health foods for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids: tortoise, turtle, pig or sheep intestines, vivipara, loach, honey, red bean, black sesame, walnut meat, bamboo shoot, lotus root, black fungu, radish, fig, Flos Sophorae, Cistanche and so on. These foods can be selected and eaten according to different seasons. Eat more fruits, vegetables and fibrous foods, drink plenty of water, and eat more relaxing bowel foods, such as banana and honey. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Constipation.

(3) It’s better to have a regular diet, eat meals to maintain eight-tenth full, avoid overeating, uneven of full and hunger to prevent gastrointestinal disorder and reduce the direct stimulation to the rectal mucosa.

(4) People should not read book or newspaper when defecate. Defecate should not be with over strength. Avoid prolonged squatting, prolonged standing and prolonged walking. 

(5) Form a good habit of defecation, keep smooth stool. Constipation is bad for health. On the other hand, prevent diarrhea. Several defecations with loose stool in a day are bad for hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, the time of stool should not be too long.

(6) Take a hip bath with warm water frequently, keep local parts clean and dry, wear cotton and loose briefs and change it frequently. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Constipation.

(7) Do more lifting anus exercises, which can promote local blood circulation and decrease the production and development of hemorrhoids.

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