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Functional exercise for hemorrhoids

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(1) Insist on lifting anus exercise for 30 times before sleep and after getting up, or doing this exercise frequently at ordinary times.

(2) Take appropriate exercises, such as doing gymnastics, practicing box or other systemic exercises. Pay attention to change position. Taking exercises also one of important methods to prevent hemorrhoids.

(3) Lifting pelvis exercise:
Take a supine position with knees bend, put the heels near the buttocks, put two hands below the head, lift pelvis with the fulcrum of the soles and shoulders, meanwhile, lift the anus, fall the pelvis when relaxation. Doing this exercise with breath combination after operating this exercise expertly, lift up the anus with inspiration and relax with aspiration. Insist on doing this exercise 1-3 times each day, 20 times for each time.

(4) Rotating abdomen exercise:
Take a supine position with two legs extend naturally, apply anticlockwise circular rubbing manipulation to the abdomen in the center of Qihaishu (BL24) for 20-30 times and clockwise circular rubbing manipulation for 20-30 times, the clockwise rub should be done after the anticlockwise rub.

(5) Overlapped sitting and standing: Sit on the bed or the chair with two legs overlap and whole body relax, then stand up with two legs overlap and buttocks and legs tight, lift the anus, then sit down with whole body relax. Repeat it for 10-30 times.

(6) Upper body antexion:
Stand with two legs open and two palms grasp and loosen, raise two palms to the breast along the former upper body, at the same time, take a inspiration with shoulder square, then bend the upper body like bowing posture, meanwhile, push two fist to the posterior and inferior of the body along the armpits, and take a deep inspiration. Repeat it for 5-6 times.

(7) Lift center-of-gravity exercise:
Close two legs, raise two arms above the head, meanwhile, lift the heels and take a deep inspiration; two arms fall naturally in front of the body, at the same time, the heels also fall to ground the heels into the ground, and take a deep aspiration. Do these exercises 5-6 times continuously. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Constipation.

(8) Keep a supine position, overlap the left and right hands on the navel, put the right hands below the left hand, apply clockwise circular rubbing manipulation to the abdomen on the center of navel for 80 times, the put the left hand below the right hand, apply anticlockwise circular rubbing manipulation to the abdomen on the center of navel.

(9) Stand straightly with arms akimbo, legs crossed, tiptoe lifted and buttocks and legs tight, contracting the anus for 5 seconds.

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