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How TCM diagnoses hemorrhoids

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(1) Internal Hemorrhoid It is mostly seen in the adults. Primarily, painless hematochezia is a main symptom. Blood is not mixed with stool and hemorrhage is intermittent. It is often induced or aggravated by alcohol drinking, fatigue and constipation. A hemisphere eminence and congestion can be seen on the mucous membrane above the dentate line in examination. Mter hemorrhoid is enlarged, it can come out of the anus in defecation. If it does not come back promptly, it is possible to form an incarceration and even necrosis. It is often divided into three phases in accordance with different severity.

Phase I: Hemorrhoid is comparatively small and does not come out of the anus, mainly characterized by hematochezia.
Phase II: Hemorrhoid is comparatively large and may come out of the anus in defecation and come back by itself after defecation, manifested by more or less hematochezia.
Phase III: Hemorrhoid is more larger and can come out of the anus in defecation, and even in walking, cough, sneezing and standing. It cannot come back by itself and must be pushed back by a hand, or horizontal position and warm compress, characterized by little hematochezia or no hemorrhage.

(2) External Hemorrhoid of Connective Tissue It is formed by proliferation and hypertrophy of the connective tissue in the skin of the plicae of the anal border. There is no varicose plexus inside hemorrhoid and a sensation of foreign body in the anus is its main symptom. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Constipation.
(3) Varicose External Hemorrhoid It is formed by blood stasis, varicosis, dilation and proliferation occurring in the venous plexus outside hemorrhoid, to form a round or ovary or rectangle lump in the partial skin of the anal border. It is mostly accompanied by internal hemorrhoid.
(4) Thrombotic External Hemorrhoid It is formed by rupture, clot coagulation and thrombosis in the veins outside hemorrhoid, characterized by sudden serious pain and dark purple lump in the anus.

(5) Mixed Hemorrhoid It is caused by varicosis and convergence of external and internal hemorrhoids with the symptoms of both external and internal hemorrhoids.

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