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What're the folk recipes for hemorrhoids

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(1) Decoct right amount of XanThium Sibiricum in the water, wash the affected parts with the warm decoction, continuously wash for one month. It can treat prolonged hemorrhoids.

(2) Fig leaf 10 slices, soybean 1 handful. Boil them in the water, wash the affected parts with the warm decoction. It can treat anal fissure and internal hemorrhoids. The fig branch also can replace the fig leaf for usage.

(3) Alive vivipara 1, alum 5g. Smash the vivipara and take the pulp, mix it with the alum, the pulp changes into water quickly, apply the fluid by cotton ball to the hemorrhoids, twice a day, continuously apply for one week. This recipe has a good effect to treat hemorrhoids, but only indicated for external hemorrhoid without bleeding, contraindicated for internal hemorrhoids.

(4) Cortex Phellodendri (HuangBai) 20g, Chinese Gall right amount. Decoct phellodendron amurense in the water, wash the affected parts with the warm decoction; Dry the Chinese Gall and grind into powder, infuse in the warm water, make it into pasty, dip the pasty by cotton, then put it into the anus before sleep, take it away in the next day morning. This recipe has a good effect to treat hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids, but has not a good effect to hemorrhoid fistula and acute hemorrhoids.

(5) Pound right amount of fresh old peach leaf into mash, put the mash upon gauze for 0.5 cm thickness, apply to the hemorrhoids, fix with the adhesive plaster, change fresh dressing for the hemorrhoids after about 4-6 hours, continuously apply for one week. The hemorrhoids can be treated after 7-8 days.

(6) Decoct right amount of (fresh or dried) day lily with two bowl of water until it becomes one bowel, mix with brown sugar. To be taken warm, once a day. It can  dissipate the hemorrhoids at the early stage and relieve pain for the sever patients. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Constipation.

(7) Boil 30g of vegetable sponge into 1000ml water over a strong fire until it is boiling, then boil over a slow fire for 10 minutes, take 100ml of decoction each time, four times a day, then boil the dregs with 1500ml water until it is boiling, wash the anus with warm decoction, once a day. It takes effect after applying the decoction for one month.

(8) Eggplant. Cut it into slices, burn into charcoal and grind into thin powder, take 10g of the powder with warm water, three times a day, continuously take for 10 days. This recipe can clear heat and stop bleeding. Indicated for internal hemorrhoids.

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