Lumbar Bone Hyperplasia TCM Therapy

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Exercise for lumbar bone hyperplasia

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1) Moderate labour and rest, it can strengthen body to take moderate exercise and physical exercise for half an hour, it is better sweat slightly, thus can make the blood and Qi work normally.

2) Insist on taking all kinds of body-building for a long time, which does very good to prevent from osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia of the middle-aged and the old, the exercises including going for a walk, body building exercise, Taiji sword, taijiquan, long-distance race and so on.

3) Playing Taiji and Qigong can smooth meridians, blood vessels, lymph and cyclic system, promote the blood circulation and metabolism and improve the function of heart and lung, thus treating chronic disease of digestive tract, strengthening the immunity and body fitness, especially all kinds of chronic disease. It is advised to take exercise for half an hour every day.

4) The person who works indoor should at least spare 1-2 hours a day to take outdoor exercises. It is better to take part in some sport events, such as play tennis, gate ball and so on, thus inertness could be overcome. The strength of exercise should be different for different people. People with good physical can take more exercises as large amount of exercise can stimulate absorption of Bone calcium and thicken bone cortex. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Disc.

5) In avoid of sitting for long. The people who work by sitting in the office should take a 10-minute break after working for 40 minutes, and stretch their bodies, such as stretching neck backward, pitching, spinning waist and so on.

6) Keep-fit massage is a kind of self-massage exercise with the function of health care. This massage can take sitting or standing position, massage waist from up to down with both palms and fingers, use strength from light to hard until the local part feels hot. Then massage waist with both hands for 2-3 minutes in order to promote the blood circulation of waist and relieve the stiff and tensive waist muscles.

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