Lumbar Bone Hyperplasia TCM Therapy

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Preventing lumbar bone hyperplasia

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1) Keep proper sitting position. The person who takes sitting position can choose regulative chair, thus there will be a place for waist to lean on to reduce the load of waist. Stand up and exercise waist after sitting for over one hour to prevent strain of waist muscle and intervertebral disc, and moving of small joints.

2) Choose a good bed. For human, 1/3 of his life is spent in bed, so it is very important to choose a good bed. It is advised to sleep on hard bed or semi-hard bed while it is not advised to sleep on soft spring bed. Human body's physiological curvature of lumbar vertebra can be changed when he lies on his back, and scoliosis could be caused when he lies on the side, thus rate of suffering lumbar bone hyperplasia increased. It can reduce the press that the intervertebral disc needs to bear if one sleeps on a hard bed. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Disc.

3) Another way to prevent from suffering injury and dampness is to lose weight. Over weight is one of the most important causes of hyperplasia of spinal column and joint. Over weight can speed up the abrasion of articular cartilage, thus make the force on the articular cartilage be uneven, then cause hyperplasia. Therefore, for the person who is over weight, he can prevent from the happening of hyperplasia of spinal column and joint by losing some weight.

4) Avoid severe and long-term exercise. Long-term, excessive and severe exercise is one of basic causes of hyperplasia, especially for the load-bearing joint, such as knee and hip joint. Excessive exercise can enlarge the thrust surface of join, thus aggravate the abrasion. Long-term severe exercise can make bones and soft tissue around it be over pulled, thus causing the strain of local soft tissues and uneven force bearing and hyperplasia.

5) Keep waist warm: prevent from suffering cold and eating cold food, don't let waist face to air-condition for long, protect waist well.

6) Wearing waist belt during the day is helpful to the recovery and treatment of lumbar vertebra.

7) Don't use strong force to bend waist, such as when cleaning the floor. Pay attention to working position, avoid bending waist for long and bearing too much heavy things which may speed up the lesion of intervertebral disc.

8) Try to take a rest in bed when acute pain happens, take more rest after the pain is relieved. Don't be too tired to avoid of aggravating pain. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Lumbar Herniated Disc.

9) Eat more food rich in calcium, such as milk, dairy product, dried small shrimps, sea-tangle, sesame paste and bean product. It is get more calcium from these food, so eat these foods often and pay attention to trophic structure.

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