Lumbar Bone Hyperplasia TCM Therapy

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TCM diagnoses lumbar bone hyperplasia

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1. Age: It is irresistible natural law to become old, as age growing, lumbar vertebra suffers degenerative changes inevitably because of abrasion in the process of motion. Most of normal people over 60 years old have bone spur on the lumbar vertebra, narrowing of vertebra gap and other degenerative changes through medical film.

2. Strain: Except the age factor, the degenerative changes of lumbar vertebra has close connection with strain of lumbar vertebra. If the lumbar vertebra is stimulated by repeated strain, excessive motion and other harmful factors, then can speed up the the degenerative changes of lumbar vertebra, thus will cause herniated disk and the forming of spur. Instead, if one can pay attention to the health care and rest of waist, thus can slow down the degenerative changes and the forming of bone spur. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Disc.

3. Injury history: The injury of lumbar vertebra in young age is an important external cause of lumbar bone hyperplasia after middle age.
4. Incorrect position: for the young patient of lumbar bone hyperplasia, its cause has close connection with keeping the same position for long, incorrect position, sleeping in soft bed and incorrect sleeping position for long.

5. This disease is common to see on the third and fourth bone of waist. The main clinical symptoms are sore pain, swelling pain, stiff and fatigue of lumbar vertebra and soft tissue of waist, even limitation of bending waist. If the nerve root next to it is pressed, relative symptoms can be caused, leading to local pain, stiff, neurodynia of posterior root, numbness and so on. If sciatic nerve is pressed, then ischiatitis may be caused and severe numb pain could be felt on the affected limb, and pains will radiate to the whole lower limb, such as burning pain, galvanic pain and moving pains.

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