Lumbar Bone Hyperplasia TCM Therapy

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Health care for lumbar bone hyperplasia

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Herbal Therapy
1) Internal Medicine
a.  Syndrome due to deficiency of liver-Yin and kidney-Yin
Therapeutic methods: Enriching Yin and clearing heat, nourishing the kidney and liver
Prescription: Zhibai Bawei Wan( Pill of Zhibai Bawei), Yiguan Jian( Decoction for nourishing the liver and kidney), Ziyin Zhubi Tang (Decoction for nourishing Yi and expelling Bi)

2. Syndrome due to insufficiency of kidney-Yang and liver-Yang
Therapeutic methods: Warm nourishing the kidney and liver, dispelling cold and dampness
Prescription: Guifu Bawei Wan (Pill of Guifu Bawei), Yougui Wan(pill for reinforcing kidney-Yang), Wenyang Juanbi Tang(decoction for warm nourishing Yang and expelling Bi)

c. Syndrome due to blockage of Qi and blood
Therapeutic methods: Regulating Qi to relieve pain, promoting blood and expelling Bi
Prescription: Guizhi Fuling Wan (pill of cinnamon twig and poria), Xuefu Zhuyu Tang (Decoction for removing blood stasis in the chest), Shentong Zhuyu Tang(Decoction for removing blood stasis and pain)

d. Bi Syndrome due to cold and dampness
Therapeutic methods: Expelling wind and cold, excreting dampness and expelling Bi
Prescription: Duhuo Jisheng Tang( Decoction of pubescent angelica and loranthus), Jiwei Guizhi Tang (Flavored decoction of cassia twig)

2) External Medicine
a. Ingredients: Radix Clematidis (Weilingxian) 60g, Wushaoshe (zaocys dhumnade) 30g, Chuanshanjia( pangolin) 30g, Tubiechong( ground beeltle) 30g, Baihuashe (long-noded pit viper) 2 pieces, Zaojiaoci (spina gleditsiae) 50g, Tougucao (phryma leptostachya) 50g, Shengchuanwu( raw monkshood) 50g, Sheng caowu( raw radix aconiti agrestis) 50g, Herba Asari (Xixin) 50g, Sheng Ruxiang(frankincense) 50g, Sheng moyao(raw myrrh) 50g, Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 50g, Xiqian cao 50g, Borneolum Syntheticum (Bingpian) 15g.
Administration: Grind the above drugs into fine powder and put it into a bowl, mix with rice vinegar or yellow rice or millet wine until it becomes pasty that can be applied to the affected part, change once in a day, a week as a course of treatment.

b. Ingredients of Zhigu tincture: Sifang Mupi 500g, Zhangu 500g, Honghua( safflower carthamus) 100g.
Administration: Dip the above drugs in 3000ml 60%-70% ethanol for 15 days, then take the liquid after filtering. According to the lesion, dip 10-20 cm gauze with 3-4 tiers into Zhigu tincture, then spread on the affect part, and irradiate with infrared lamp for 20-30 minutes until the affected part feels warm, once a day, ten times as a course of treatment.

c. The liquid ion import of strengthening bones and relieving meridians:
Ingredients: Wushaoshe (zaocys dhumnade) 10g, Wumei(dark plum) 10g, Mugua(pawpaw) 10g, Radix Clematidis (Weilingxian)10g, Tougucao (phryma leptostachya) 10g, Luxian Cao( pyrola) 10g, Danshen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae) 30g, Zaojiao(Gleditsia sinensis)30g, Gusuibu(Rhizoma Drynariae)15g, Caulis Spatholobi (Jixueteng) 15g.
Preparation method: dip Wushaoshe (zaocys dhumnade) in 100ml liquor for ten days. Decoct the left drugs in 750ml for 30 minutes, and take about 500ml decoction after filtering and mix with Wushao she medicinal liquor and seal.
Administration: dip 2 pieces of gauze into 20ml medicinal liquor then paste on the affected part, fix the positive and negative plate of therapy apparatus to the gauze and turn on the machine for 20 minutes, once a day, 15 times as a course of treatment with a interval for 5-7 days.

d. Wugong (centipede) 10pieces, Bai jiangcan( white bombyx batryticatus) 50g, Baizhi(radix angelicae)50g, Quanxie ( scorpio) 50g, Sheng Chuanwu( Raw monkshood) 50g, Sheng caowu( raw radix aconiti agrestis) 50g.
Administration:Grind the above drugs into fine powder and store in bottle. When using, mix certain amount of powder with liquor and paste on the affected part. Change the paste once a day until the disease is cured.

(2) Guasha Therapy
1) Head: Holographical acupoints group--located in the 1/3 between the top of head and occipitalia, the back 1/3 between forehead and the top of head.
Back: Governor vessel -- Xuanshu (GV5) to Yaoshu (GV2). Bladder Meridian--Sheshu (BL23) and Zhishi (BL52) of both sides
Qi acupoint--Yaoyao (EX-B7) of both sides.
Lower limb- Bladder Meridian-- Weizhong (BL 40) to Chengshan (BL57) of both sides. If the pain aggravates because of strain, Small intestines Meridian--Houxi (SI 3) of the affected side could be added.
Governor vessel--Renzhong (GV26)
Ashi Acupoint--Local paining point

2) Scrap according to the above acupoints in order, scrape every acupoint until appearing Sha, use strength according to the patient's bearing ability.

(4) Cupping Therapy
1) Acupoints: Jizhong (GV6), Mingmen (GV4), Yaoyangguan (GV3), Zhishi (BL52), Yaoshu ( GV2) and so on, and Ashi acupoint which is the pain spot. Use flash fire cupping method, operational approach: Use a burning alcohol cotton ball to circle 2-3 times in the glass cupping jar, then pull out fast and bottom the affected part. 3-5 acupoints are enough each time, practice once 2-3 days, 5-6 times as a course of treatment.

2) Acupoints: Pain spot in the waist, Sheshu (BL23), Weizhong (BL 40), Chengshan (BL57)
Use blood-letting puncturing and cupping:
a. The patient can take a comfortable position, relax muscle and expose the affected part.
b. Temperately press on the waist with thumb, choose several obvious pain spots or one pain spot, that is pain spot in the waist.
c. Clench the pain spot, Weizhong(BL40) and Chengshan (BL57), then pick for 3-5 times with rhizoma sparganii needle.
d. Use flash fire cupping method to make the picking part bleed a little. Then disinfect the affected skin with alcohol cotton ball.

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