Lumbar Bone Hyperplasia TCM Therapy

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Symptoms of lumbar bone hyperplasia

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1) Syndrome due to yin deficiency of liver and kidney
The patient with slim body, pain in the affected osteoarthrosis, burning heat sensation locally and the pain will aggravate when gain heat while the pain will reduce when gain cold, the joint hard to stretch and bend, even the joint is deformity or stiff straight. Flushing face, dry and bitter mouth, short and less stool and pee, or accompanied with vertigo, sore waist, dysphoria and hard to sleep well. Red tongue with little coating or crimson tongue, wiry, thready and rapid pulse. This symptom usually happens on the young who are in deficiency of Yin or sexual strain and deficiency of kidney essence. Usually the course of disease of this type is in the initial stage. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Disc.
2) Syndrome due to yang deficiency of liver and kidney
Usually the patient has plump or fat body. Swelling pain on the affected osteoarthrosis, feel cold, hard to stretch and bend, feel comfortable to massage and hot compress, feel severe pain when suffering cold, fatigue and cold limbs, pale or superficial face, tastelessness, long pee, loose stool. Pale tongue with white coating, sunken, thready and weak pulse. This symptom usually happens on the old or the person born with a weak body. Usually syndrome of this type has long course of disease, and occurs on the person who has stagnation of cold and dampness, and easy to suffer invasion of wind and cold.

3) Syndrome due to blockage of Qi and blood
Pain on the affected osteoarthrosis and can't stop pain in a short time, prickly pain, the symptom is light in the day and heavy in the night, the pain can be relieved after moving. Purple tongue or with ecchymosis, pale and thin coating, sunken, thready and rough pulse. This symptom usually happens on the middle-aged or the old who has this disease for long, and this disease occurs repeatedly, usually it is caused by strain and so on. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Lumbar Herniated Disc.

4) Bi Syndrome due to cold and dampness
The pain on the affected osteoarthrosis sometimes is severe sometimes light, and has connection with weather. Usually the patient is afraid of wind and cold, easy to suffer invasion of external evil, accompany with vertigo, fatigue, sweating, numb four limbs, pale face, pale tongue with pale and thin coating, soft and thready pulse or sunken and tense pulse. Acute bone hyperplasia breaks out is common for this syndrome, accompanied with syndrome due to deficiency of Yang. And syndrome due to sufficiency of Yang or deficiency of Yin could appear after the Bi syndrome due to cold and dampness is relieved.

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