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Functional exercise for mastitis

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(1) The daily exercises methods for the prevention of mastitis for the women are as follows:

1) Hang down the arms naturally and bend the wrist joints upwards; exercise the fingers by clenching the fist or the hand-muscle developer.

2) Stand straight and keep the arms hand down naturally; contract the muscles of the upper arms and hang the arms up close to the ears; and then relax the body.

3) Stand straight and place a long crabstick at the back of body or neck; hold both ends of it with hands; and then saw it with arms.

4) Stand straight and raise the arms at the effected side; then pull it with the arm at the other side.

5) Stand straight and raise the effected arm; extend it upwards or do up the hair with it. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

(2) The amount of exercise should be adjusted according to the physical condition of the patients; take the exercises such as swimming, badminton, Pingpong, etc at the daily life which is helpful to the prevention of the galactophore diseases.

(3) Pay attention to the prevention; wash the nipple with the warm water at the later stage of gestation; if the nipples are sucked inward, people should massage and pull them gently after cleaning. 

(4) During the week before the labour, women should wash and crab the nipples with the hot towel, suds and the light salty water to make the skin of them tenacious. But the alcohol should be avoided as it can make the skin weak; if the nipples are sunken, people should often pull them out for sucking by the infants.

(5) Its better feed milk with a sitting position at regular times; each time should be for 15-20 minutes; after that, people should squeeze the left milk out; besides, people should keep the nipples clean and avoid them being played by the infants.

(6) If the milk is too much for the infants to eat, people should squeeze the left milk out after feeding to avoid stasis.

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