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What are the symptoms of mastitis

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1. Accumulated Milk and Exterior Heat Syndrome
Main Symptoms: Distending pain in the breast, with the skin in neither red or slightly red color, unsmooth lactation, palpable mass in the breast, accompanied by aversion to cold, fever, aching sensation in the joints, constipation, slightly red tongue, thin and whitish coating, superficial and rapid pulse.

2. Syndrome Accumulation of Heat in the Liver and Stomach
Main Symptoms: Redness, swelling and burning pain in the breast, burning sensation in the skin of the mass with obvious tenderness, even softened mass with fluctuant sensation when touched by fingers, accompanied by strong heat sensation and restlessness, excessive thirst with preference for drinks, yellow and brown urine, constipation, reddened tongue, yellowish coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

3. Heat Accumulation and Stagnation Syndrome:
Main Symptoms It is mostly seen in those with constant mass formed by application of large dosage of antibiotics in the treatment of acute mastitis, manifested by stiff and hard mass in the breast, unsmooth lactation, insidious pain, purple dark tongue, thin and whitish coating, and wiry pulse. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Mastitis.

4. Qi and Blood Deficiency Syndrome:
Main Symptoms: Thin pus after rupture, relieved tumefaction and pain, slightly red granulation in the wound and difficult to be healed, accompanied by lustreless complexion, low spirit and lassitude, pale tongue, thin coating, and thready pulse.

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