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How to prevent mastitis, measures and methods

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1)It is necessary for the pregnant women to wash the nipples with warm water or 75 % alcohol frequently in the late stage of pregnancy and also necessary for those women with sunken nipples to correct them by themselves or surgery promptly. For the puerpera with excessive lactation, it is necessary to suck out the milk with a sucker in order to prevent accumulation of milk, if milk is not sucked out completely after feeding their baby. It is also necessary for the puerpera to maintain a happy mood as much as possible and build up a habit to feed baby at a fixed time after delivery. Before and after feeding baby, it is requested to clean the nipples. Once the nipples break out, it is necessary to have a prompt treatment to prevent infection. The baby is requested to maintain a clean mouth and the baby is inhibited to sleep with the nipple in the mouth. In the period of lactation, if distending pain and unsmooth lactation are present, it is advisable to massage the infected area with a hot towel in order to maintain a smooth secretion of milk and prevent accumulation of milk. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Mastitis.

2)It is advisable to breastfeeding earlier and keep the breast clean; keep the galactophore smooth and reduce the stasis to prevent from the mastitis.

3) Massage the breast gently when the child is sucking the breast; pay attention that massage in the direction to the nipple which is helpful to remove the blockage of the milk.

4) Take the hot application on the breast for 15-20 minutes at the intervals between the breast feedings.

5) Lie in bed for rest.

6) Deink more boiling water to promote the discharge of the toxins along with the urine. 

7) Avoid breast feeding when the breast is painful; or press the milk out of the breast when the infant refuse taking milk due to the change of the taste; it is helpful to avoid the persistence of milk in the breast which may cause the abscess in the breast.

8) Pay attention to the inflammation of the mouth and throat of the infants to avoid the pathogen.

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