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How TCM diagnoses mastitis

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(1) This disease often happens in the ladies during lactation 3-4 weeks after delivery, mostly in the primiparae.

(2) In accordance with the typical clinical manifestations, this disease can be divided into three stages.
Initial Stage: Swelling and pain in the breasts, no red or slightly red color in the local skin, unsmooth lactation, with or without mass in the breast.
Middle Stage: Palpable mass in different size in the breast, obvious tenderness, then progressively enlarged mass in the breast, with swelling in red color and burning pain, throbbing pain in the local area, and fluctuating sensation in palpation.
After Rupture: Cheesy pus after rupture of breast carbuncle, with heat relieved after pus discharge, fresh granulation, quick healing of the wound. The lingering purulent fluid only in a few cases with stale granulation and lingering wound, even sack pus.
(3) In the initial and middle stages, this disease can be accompanied by obvious general symptoms, such as aversion to cold, fever, aching pain in the head and body, stuffy chest, nausea, vomiting, yellow and brown urine, constipation. In those with weak anti-pathogenic ability after rupture, the symptoms of lustreless complexion, lassitude, low spirit and reluctance in speaking may occur.
(4) In the initial and middle stages of this disease, the total count of peripheral leukocyte and neutrophil ratio are obviously enhanced. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

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