Meniscus Injury of Knee Joint TCM Therapy

Definition of Meniscus Injury of Knee Joint in TCM

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definition of meniscus injury of knee joint in tcmIn both sides of knee joint there is respectively a meniscus. Lateral meniscus is often of a congenital semilunar plate. The causes leading to meniscus rupture are classified into laceration force and trituration force. The former results in rotation of the knee joint in a hemiflexion position, in which the femur pulls collateral ligament, which further pulls the border of meniscus, hence the rupture. The latter often acts on the lateral meniscus that is mostly a congenital semilunar plate, which is triturated by the articular surface, thus, after a long time, an injury occurs. The commonly encountered injuries are marginal laceration, central longitudinal laceration (being likely to cause "interlock"), transverse laceration, horizontal laceration, anterior horn laceration and posterior horn laceration. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Tuberculous Lymphadenitis.
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