Meniscus Injury of Knee Joint TCM Therapy

Functional exercise for Meniscus Injury of Knee Joint

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1) Functional exercise: When the pain and swelling are relieved 3 to 5 days after fixation. The patient should be encouraged to do exercises on contraction and relaxation of quadriceps muscle of thigh for preventing muscular atrophy. After removal of fixation, the patient also needs to practice exercise on flexion and extension of the knee joint and walking.

2) In the acute attack of injury stage, the patients should be encouraged to do exercise on contraction of muscle of lower limbs while the sick limb is fixed up for preventing muscular atrophy. 

3) Functional exercise after the treatment: Its better walk on the brae of 30 degree and take more exercise on contraction and relaxation of quadriceps muscle of thigh; at the restoration stage, climbing stairs or the exercise of going down and standing up is better to be avoided. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Tuberculous Lymphadenitis.

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