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Definition of myofascitis in TCM

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definition of myofascitis in tcmMyofascitis is a series of clinical symptoms caused by cold, dampness and chronic strain, these causes lead to edema, exudation and fibroid changes of myofacial and muscle tissues. Myofascitis is not a kind of specificity change of body's white fibrous tissues, such as fascia, myolemma, ligament, tendon, tendon sheath, periosteum, hypodermis and so on. Myofascitis is a kind of clinical pain which is common, but usually is ignored or misdiagnosed. The pathogenic factors are cold, dampness and chronic strain. These causes lead to a series of clinical symptoms, such as edema, exudation and fibroid changes of myofacial and muscle tissues of waist and back.

The main symptoms are stiff and heavy neck, shoulder and back, limitation of neck motion, acid and numb shoulder and arms and so on, these symptoms have connection with weather, the symptoms are more obvious when suffering overcast and rainy day, dampness, wind, cold, fatigue and stain. The muscles of affected part is stiff, feel acid pain or funicular when pressing affected part, the patient will comfortable and the symptom is relieved after rubbing and pressing. No reaction changes of myodynamia and tendon, the hemogram may be heighten in test, no abnormal symptom can be found through X-ray. This disease belongs to Bi syndrome due to insufficient nourishment caused by invasion of cold and pathogenic factors resulted from defensive Qi instability in TCM.

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