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What are the symptoms of myofascitis

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(1) Syndrome due to invasion of wind, cold, dampness and evil
Main manifestations: Heavy pain or walking pain in dorsolumbar region, no fixed pain spot, pain sometimes light sometimes heavy; Or the pain spot is fixed, pain aggravates when suffering cold and dampness, the symptoms can be relieved when the affected part is warm, hard to turn over for dorsolumbar region, cold in four limbs; Or acid pain in dorsolumbar region, pain spot is fixed, the symptoms aggravate when suffering cold and dampness in the rainy day. Tongue with thin and white coating, floating-tense pulse.

(2) Syndrome due to accumulated of heat and dampness, and blockage of meridians
Main manifestations: scorching hot pain in dorsolumbar region, the symptoms aggravate when it is hot or rainy day, the symptoms will be relieved when the affected part is cool or gets exercise; Or have fever, heavy sensation in body, dry mouth, no appetite for drinking, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, soft-floating and rapid pulse or smooth and rapid pulse.

(3) Syndrome due to stagnation of blood and blockage of meridian
Main manifestations: severe pain in dorsolumbar region like bore spine, have fixed pain spot and refused to be pressed, hard to turn over and bend over, or pain aggravates when moving, usually pain light pain in the day and severe pain at night. Purple tongue or tongue with ecchymosis, unsmooth pulse.

(4) Syndrome due to deficiency of kidney-Qi and meridian dystrophy
Main manifestations: continuous in dorsolumbar region, pain can be relieved after rest, pain will aggravate after overworking, lumbar genu aching, limp and weak waist; Or vertigo, short breath, tinnitus, alopecia, loose teeth, spermatorrhea, impotence for male, irregular menstruation for female; Or chill, cold limbs, prefer to warmth, pale tongue or tender and fat tongue, thready and sunken pulse.

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