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How to prevent myofascitis

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For the patient with myofascitis of waist, back, neck and shoulder:
1) The person who works by sitting in the office should take a break at a regular time, thus can make the tense muscles of waist and back get relieved.
2) Pay more attention to sitting position, change a position after sitting for an hour.
3) Avoid sleeping in the soft bed, it is better sleep on hard bed.
4) Be far away from cold and dampness.
5) Do more exercise to strengthen the neck and back muscles.

For the patient with myofascitis of pelma:
1) Avoid doing much foot exercise, such jumping, running, walking and so on.
2) Warm hot water foot bath every night in order to promote foot blood circulation.
3) It is better for the old choose spongy shoes, such as leisure shoes, and change shoes often.

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