Myofascitis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for myofascitis

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1) Take a five-minute break after bending over one's desk for 40 minutes, and exercise the neck and back. Pay attention to keep warm, practice local hot compress, which does good to relieving pain.

2) Take waist as axes when playing Taiji, the waist can get exercise when pulling left and right, thus can make four limbs stretch, spin and draw back and so on in order to form a a kind of waist twining exercise. This is a very good massage for the waist by pulling, squeezing and stimulating to the Shu acpoint of the whole body. It can reach the effect of fitness and strong lumbar when kidney is enriched and Dai channel is exercised.

Taiji can warm smoothing meridians, regulating Qi and blood, expelling wind, cold, dampness and evil which can cause strain to the tissues and bones, enriching the nutrition of waist and around the waist and help to be back to normal material metabolism and recover function. It can also help to regulate the balance between Yin and Yang, relax meridians, and restore healthy atmosphere in order to make demic function work normally, harmony the body and nature, prevent from disease and invasion of external evil.

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