Myofascitis TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for myofascitis

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1) Medicinal liquor for removing stasis and numbness
Ingredients: Radix Clematidis (Weilingxian) 40g, Zhichuanwu (Radix aconiti preparata) 30g, Wuzhang (Polygonum cuspidatum)30g, Olibanum (Ruxiang) 20g, Myrrha (Moyao) 20g, Dibiechong(Chinese Polyphaga)20g, Pianjianghuang 20g, Qingmuxiang(Radix Aristolochiae)20g, Gusuiby(Rhizoma Drynariae)20g, Chuanwugong (Big Sichuan centipede) 3pieces.
Actions: Promoting the flow of Qi and blood circulation and passing meridians. Treat rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic arthritis, myositis, myofascitis, Degenerative bone and so on.
Administration: 20ml each time after meal for oral use, three times a day. A dose as a course of treatment, usually two or three courses of treatment is needed.
Preparation method: Smash and bottle the above drugs, add 1750-2000ml liquor, seal for ten days and shake the bottle once each day.

2) Medicinal liquor of Taoren and Honghua:
Ingredients: Flos Carthami (Honghua) 20g, Taoren (peach seed) 20g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra (Chishaoyao) 20g, Dilong( lumbricus) 20g, Guizhi(Ramulus Cinnamomi )20g, Radix Aconiti (Chuanwu)15g, Caowu( radix aconiti agrestis)15g.
Actions: Promoting blood circulation, passing meridians, warm smoothing blood vessels, and expelling wind and dampness. Treat numbness.
Administration: 15g each time for oral use, drink in the morning and at night, shake the bottle before drinking.
Preparation method: packed the above drugs and put into china bottle, add 1500ml liquor, seal for 7-10 days.

3) Medicinal liquor of Liuwu ( six ingredients)
Ingredients: Zhichuanwu(Radix aconiti preparata) 15g, Zhicaowu(Radix aconitikusnezoffii praeparata) 15g, Zhishouwu(Polygonum multiflorum thunb)15g, Wushe 15g, Wumei(dark plum)15g, Wuyao(Lindera aggregata) 15g, Radix Glycyrrhizae (Gancao) 15g.
Actions: Warming channels and expelling cold, nourishing the blood and dispelling wind, smoothing meridians to relieve pain. Treat numbness caused by wind, dampness and cold.
Administration: 10-20ml each time for oral use, twice a day.
Preparation method: Grind the above drug into coarse powder, soak in 1500ml liquor for five days. Also these ingredients can also be soaked in yellow rice or millet wine for the person who can't drink liquor.

4) Medicinal liquor for expelling wind and activating channels
Ingredients: Hongqu 20g, Zicao (lithospermum) 20g, Duhuo (radix angelicae pubescentis) 20g, Honghua (safflower) 20g, Rhizoma Gastrodiae (Tianma) 20g, Yanzhi Buguzhi (Salted fructus psoraleae)20g, Xuejie(dragon's blood) 20g, Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong )20g, Olibanum (Ruxiang)20g, Myrrha (Moyao)20g, Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae (Qinjiao) 20g, Danggui ( Radix angelicae sinensis) 30g, Fangfeng (Radix ledebouriellae)30g, Herba Ephedrae (Mahuang) 30g, Muguang (pawpaw)10g, Yanzhi duzhong (salted Eucommia ulmoides) 10g, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae (Niuxi) 10g, Beiliujinu 10g, Zhiwucao (Radix aconitikusnezoffii praeparata) 10g, Ganbiechong 10g, Baizhi (radix angelicae) 10g, sugar 800g, liquor 1500ml.

Actions: expelling wind and cold, relaxing the meridians and channels, it is applicable to numbness in four limbs, arthralgia, paralysis, rheumatism, injury in bones and tissues and so on.
Administration: Drink a certain amount

Preparation method:
a. Grind Xuejie(dragon's blood), Olibanum (Ruxiang) and Myrrha (Moyao) into fine powder and mix together, chop the left drugs except Hongqu and Zicao(lithospermum).
b. Put the drugs, sugar and liquor into jar, boil the jar in the boiling water, then put in a vat and seal.
c. 30 days later, take liquor after filtering, squeeze the residue and take the liquor after filtering again, store in bottle.

5) Crab shell powder
Ingredients: Raw crab shell 500g
Preparation method: Clean and dry the crab shell, bake crab shells until becoming yellow with soft fire, then grind into fine powder and store in bottle.
Administration: twice a day, 10g each time for oral use, take it with 15ml minuet liquor.
Actions: to treat all kinds of bruise and strain.

6) Medicinal liquor of Chuanxiong(Rhizoma Chuanxiong )
Ingredients: Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 30g, Dangguiwei ( Radix angelicae sinensis tail) 15g, Olibanum (Ruxiang) 10g, Myrrha (Moyao) 10g, minuet liquor 500ml.
Preparation method: Clean and dry the above drugs, chop Danguiwei and Chuanxiong into pieces, grind Ruxiang and moyao into fine powder, put into bottle, add liquor and seal, shake once a day. Drink the liquor after 7 days.
Administration: Once a day, 15ml each time after warming.

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