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Definition of skin whitening in TCM

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definition of skin whitening in tcmAccording to TCM therapy, skin whitening means regulate Zang-fu organs, balance yin and yang by applying traditional Chinese medicine, among which regulating liver, spleen and kidney are the three main points. It can be divided into three types: promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, smooth the liver and regulate qi, warm yang and tonify kidney. From the TCM point of view, dark skin is manifested by poor health, disharmony of viscera and qi and blood, sub-health state. So, skin whitening should not only pay attention to local skin whitening care, but also emphasize on inner treatment and regulation. Skin whiten in TCM pays great attention to slow regulation and careful management, which regulates inner body environment to improve skin texture, pursues the permanence instead of speed.

Modern cosmetic medicine believes that white skin is always the pursuit of all women. All the process of skin whitening is actually melanin reshuffle in the skin. Meanwhile, the skin whitening is a persistent process, and the purpose of skin whitening is dispersing melanin in the skin evenly and breaking down pigment granules small. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Dermatomyositis.

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