Skin Whitening TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for skin whitening

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1) Soup for Whitening Skin and Removing Speckle
Mung bean (Phaseoli Aurei Semen), 15g
Tremella (Tremella), 15g
Lily bulb (Lilii Bulbus), 15g

PROCESS: Wash all the above ingredients clean, soak them into right amount of water for half an hour, boil with a high fire until boiling, then boil with a slow fire until the mung bean is well-done and becomes thick, season it with salt or sugar according to personal preference before taking. This soup has the effect of moistening skin and removing speckle, clearing heat and resolving toxin, disinhibiting urine and dispersing swelling, and dispelling facial spot.

2) Gruel of Coix Seed and Lotus Seed
Coix Seeds (Semen Coicis), 150g
Lotus seed (Nelumbinis Fructus seu Semen), 50g
Red dates (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae), 5
Crystal sugar, 15g
Cold water, 1000ml

PROCESS: Wash coix seeds clean, and soak into cold water for three hours, remove and drain the water, remove the cores of lotus and red dates, wash them clean, add 1000ml of cold water into a pot, then add coix seeds and boil them over a high fire until boiling, then add lotus seed and red dates to stew them until they are well-done and the gruel become thick, season it with crystal sugar before eating. This gruel has the effect of whitening and moistening skin, removing freckle, senile plaque, butterfly freckle (chloasma), etc.

3) Gruel of Tangerine and Crataegus
Polished round-grained rice, 100g
Tangerine, 2
Crataegus (Hawthorn Fruit), 30g
White sugar, 10g
Cold water, 1500ml

PROCESS: Peel off tangerine’s skin, and divide it, get rid of the kernel by bamboo stick, cut it into small triangular pieces, wash the crataegus clean, cut it into two parts, get rid of kernel, wash polished round-grained rice clean, soak into the cold water for one hour, drain the water, add 1000ml of cold water into the pot, then add polished round-grained rice, tangerines, crataegus, boil over a high fire until it’s boiling, then cook over a slow fire, season it with white sugar before eating. This gruel has the effect of skin beauty and skin care, freckle removing and complexion nourishing.

4) The reasons why white radish has the effect of whitening skin are rich in vitamin E, which can inhibit formation of melanin, block fat oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin accumulation. So, eat white radish frequently can make skin white and fine.

5) Asparagus: rich in selenium, which can anti-aging and prevent and treat various kinds of diseases related to excessive oxidation of fat, whitening skin.

6) Sweet potato: rich in a large number of mucoprotein and vitamin C, vitamin A closed to carrot. Eating sweet potato can decrease cholesterol, minish the thickness of subcutaneous adipose, supplement vacuity, profit physical strength, tonify spleen and stomach, reinforce kidney-yang, thus, it benefit for skin care and hairdressing.

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