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What are the symptoms of skin whitening

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(1) Heart and facial appearance
The heart governs blood, and external manifestation on the face, i.e. the heart can promote blood circulation to deliver the nutrients to the whole body. What’s more, the face is the most abundant part of the blood, so, the sufficiency and insufficiency of the heart can be manifested from the face luster. Exuberant heart qi will lead to plentiful heart blood, resulting in reddish and lustrous face. While insufficiency of heart qi will lead to insufficiency of heart blood, resulting in blood supply insufficient, so that the skin could not be nourished with pale and lusterless or even sallow complexion.

(2) Spleen and facial appearance
The spleen is the postnatal base and the source of life of qi and blood in TCM. If the spleen and stomach running well, the qi and blood will be sufficient, manifested as reddish complexion, elastic skin, otherwise, the qi and blood and fluid will insufficient, manifested as listlessness, pale and lusterless or even sallow complexion.

(3) Kidney and facial appearance
The kidney stores essence. If the kidney essence is plentiful and the kidney qi is exuberant, the five zang organs can run well, and the qi and blood is vigorous with good appearance. If the kidney qi is insufficient, the complexion is dark, manifested as graying hair on the temples, teeth lose, more wrinkles, prematurely senile, etc. The kidney dysfunction causes damage to the face.

(4) Lung and facial appearance
The lung governs the skin and body hair. The qi and blood can deliver to the whole body by the lung dominating dispersion and descent. If the lung is dysfunctional for a long time, the skin will become dry and the weary-looking with pale complexion. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Dermatomyositis.

(5) Liver and facial appearance
The liver stores the blood to dredge and regulate, which can regulate blood flow and smooth the whole body qi dynamic, so that qi and blood levels is gentle, the blood flow on the face is unobstructed, manifested as ruddy and lustrous complexion. If the liver of dredge and regulate is disorder, so that qi dynamic is not irregular, blood flow is obstructed, and blood stasis in the face causing blue complexion, or appear chloasma. Liver blood insufficiency causes lacking of nourish of blood to the facial skin, thus, the face is pale and lusterless, the eyes are dry with blurred vision.

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