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How to prevent skin whitening

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(1) In the diet, avoid any spicy and fried foods, or foods with artificial additive, take with caution in hormone and contraceptive, which directly lead to melanin pigmentation and freckle production. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water. Eat more cucumber, strawberry, tomato, orange, etc. which is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively help to melanin reduction, skin whitening, and immunity strengthening. Water is regarded as holy food for beauty. Drinking a cup of cold water with empty stomach in the morning or drinking a cup of water with lemon can get a better effect.

(2) Replenish aqua for skin. Method: prepare a pot of cold and warm water respectively, wash face with cold and warm water alternately for 10 minutes in ten times, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The advisable temperature of cold water is about 15 ℃, and warm water is 45 ℃.

(3) Keeping adequate sleep, relieving life pressure effectively, listening to music are great helpers for skin whitening. Drinking a small cup of water 30 minutes before bedtime can make cells absorb fully and prevent wrinkles generation. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Dermatomyositis.

(4) Do exercises for one hour in the morning and in the evening, no mater how serious of the degree of insolation, people should take bath after doing outdoor activities, and rub the whole body with gentle massage, take a warm shower first, then take a cold shower, apply some bath lotion on whole body.

(5) When go out, wear hat, open a parasol, wear sunglass, and wear long sleeve cloth and trouser to protect skin. And apply sunscreen before going out on sunny day, and apply sunscreen once after two or three hours. Moreover, apply sunscreen with waterproof and higher SPF (Sun Protect Factor) before swimming.

(6) Pay attention to adjust mood, keep a good mood, avoid spiritual stimulation, and relieve various kinds of stress, pessimism, disappointment, depression and anxiety.

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