Cupping (Suction cup) for the Treatment of Toothache in TCM

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In Chinese medicine, the Large Intestine channel of hand-yangming passes through lower set of teeth and the Stomach channel of foot-yangming passes through the upper set of teeth.Therefore, gardless whether it's the attack by external pathogenic wind, or excess stomach fire flares up, rising upwards along the channel can all cause toothache. Also, kidney governs bones, and teeth are the odds and ends of bone. Hence, kidney yin deficiency, empty fire rising upwards can both result in empty fire toothache.

Location cupped and method
Acupoints selected: Xiaguan (ST7), Jiache (ST6), fengchi, dazhui, dashu, Weishu (BL21), Hegu (LI 4), Neiting (ST44), Xingjian (LR2)

Cupping: you should use putting fire into cup or cupping after flash of fire method to suck Dazhui, Fengchi, Jiache, Hegu; or you can adopt cupping method of air pump.

Acucupping: you should use needles to prick xiaguan, dazhui, weishu, neiting, xingjian, and then keep the needles pricking for the reflection of the patient. At last, you should get these acupoints cupped by cupping or cupping method of air pump.

Cupping of venesection: after disinfecting the acupoints of Hegu, Jiachi, Weishu and Xiaguan, you should prick each acupoints for 2-3 times with three-edged needles and then you should adopt cupping after flash of fire method to suck the sites that have been pricked.

Moving cupping: you should move the cup along dashu of the back of foot-taiyang and urinary bladder meridian to weishu, moving it from top to bottom, untill the erubescence reveals.

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