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    Different from western medicine, Chinese medicine not only can cure fatty liver, but also can effectively treat and prevent the complications of fatty liver. This is the top value and benefits of Chinese medicine for fatty liver. If you'd seek help from us, please fill out the health form as requested.

    Most people with fatty liver or NASH have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they are not dramatic and typically not specific. Fatigue and weakness are examples of these such symptoms. Sometimes a patient will complain of pain or discomfort over the area of the liver, which could be caused by the stretching of the liver covering due to the increase in fat deposits and inflammation. The pain is usually dull and aching, not intense, sudden or severe. There is also no predictable pattern when the pain occurs.

    Symptoms and Signs of Fatty Liver in TCM include:
    1. Pattern of Accumulation of Phlegm-damp
    Main symptoms: over-weight, choking sensation in chest and in the Liver region, dizziness, fatigue, poor digestion, nausea, vomit, greasy coating.

    2. Pattern of Stagnation of Qi and Blood
    Main symptoms: rib pain, stabbing pain in the heart and chest, dark complexion, petechia in the skin, hypogloeeis varicosity, ecchymosis at the tip of the tongue.

    3. Pattern of Liver Qi Stagnation
    Main symptoms: swelling pain along the ribs, chest distress, dry mouth, constipation, red tongue, greasy coating, rapid pulse.

    4. Pattern of Kideny and Liver Yang Deficiency
    Main symptoms: choking sensation in chest and in the Liver region, fatigue, poor digestion, nausea, vomit, pale complexion, deep pulse.

    Main symptoms of fatty liver
    Loss of appetite
    Angular cheilitis
    Skin ecchymosis
    Numbness of limbs
    Bleeding gums

    Main complications of fatty liver
    Coronary heart disease
    Renal failure
    Adjuvant Treatment

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