Acute Rhinitis
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Symptoms of Acute Rhinitis in TCM
1. Syndrome of wind and cold invading the lung
Main symptoms and signs: Persistent and severer nasal obstruction worsened by cold and relieved by heat,clear and thin nasal discharge with profuse quantity and whitish colour, low speech, or complications of aversion to cold and fever, enlargement of inferior nasal conchae with edema of mucosa and pale colour seen during examination, reddish tongue with whitish thin fur as well as floating pulse.

2. Syndrome of wind and heat invading the lung
Main symptoms and signs: Nasal obstruction is sometimes severe and sometimes mild. Nasal discharge is profuse, sticky and thick, with yellowish or whitish colour. The patient has headache, dry throat, cough, scanty and sticky sputum which is not easily expectorated, or with complications of fever and aversion to cold. Examination sees enlargement of inferior nasal conchae and edema of mucosa with reddish colour. The lingual margin is reddish with whitish and thin or yellowish and thin fur. The pulse is floating and rapid.

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