Acute Tonsillitis
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Acute Tonsillitis in TCM
When using Chinese herbal medicine, our TCM experts will customize the herbal prescription to meet the specific needs of your condition. A variety of single herbs are commonly added or subtracted to maximize the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. Up to now we have treated 1810 cases of acute tonsillitis by our Chinese medicine. We have had 98% effective rate, and 95% cure rate for the treatment.
TCM Treatment for acute tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis, a commonly-seen pharyngeal disease, is the acute nonspecific inflammation of palatal tonsil. It mostly occurs in children and young people. The disease easily occurs during seasonal alternations and climatic variations, with a higher incidence in spring and autumn. It is generally sporadic and occasionally fulminant epidemic.

The disease is mostly due to bacterial infection. Some cases are caused by viruses and some by the mixed infection of bacteria and viruses as well. Recently, it has been discovered that infection of anaerobic bacteria exists, too. The above-mentioned causative agents often exist in the pharyngx and tonsillar crypts of normal people and do not lead to diseases because of the normal defense function of the organism. The general or local body resistance will decline when the patient catches cold, gets wet, overfatigues, drinks wine and smokes excessively as well as due to stimulation of harmful gases or existence of chronic foci in upper respiratory tract. At this time, the causative agents reproduce numerously in the organism.

Adjuvant Treatment

Special Hints for Your Diet in TCM
Traditional Chinese medicine is a fantastic art of healing. TCM doctors use not only herbal medicines for treating diseases, but also they pay close attention to the patient's diet. In TCM, it's required that a patient should have a proper diet during the whole course of treatment. A perfect TCM prescription together with a proper diet can make you recover from the disease as soon as possible. Following is our suggestions on your diet.
Foods fit to eat
1. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat warm and mild foods.
2. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat foods rich in vitamin A and C.
3. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat light foods.
4. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat foods that can clear internal heat.
Foods that are useful for you: honey, Chinese-date, carrot
Foods unfit to eat
1. It's suggested that the sufferers should avoid spicy or cold foods.
2. It's suggested that the sufferers should avoid irritant foods.
3. It's suggested that the sufferers should avoid raw meat or fish.
4. It's suggested that the sufferers should avoid caffeine foods.
Foods that might do harm to you: pepper, prawn, caraway.
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