Acute Enteritis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for acute enteritis

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(1) Gruel of Agastache and Roasted Ginger
Ingredients: Herba Agastachis (Huoxiang) 6g, roasted ginger 6g, Radix Saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng) root 3g, round cardamom seed 3g, polished round-grained rice 100g.
Process: Decoct the first four ingredients in water and remove the dregs from the decoction; then make gruel with the rice and a right amount of water. When the gruel is done, pour in the decoction and cook them for a few minutes. To be taken hot so that the patients can perspire a bit, this will lead up to a best curative effect. It is applicable to diarrhea of cold-dampness type or wind-cold type.

(2) Gruel of Plantain Herb and Hyacinth-Bean
Ingredients: Plantain herb 15g, lophatherum 9g, dried lotus leaf 9g, white hyacinth-bean 30g, Job’s-tears seed 30g, polished round-grained rice 60g.
Process: Decoct the first three ingredients and remove the dregs from the decoction; make gruel with the last three ingredients and right amount of water; when the gruel is done, add the decoction to it and go on cooking for a white. To be taken twice on the same day. It is applicable to patients with diarrhea of damp-heat or summer-heat-dampness types.

(3) Get 30g of purslane and agrestal shepherd's purse respectively, 20g of dried turnip and 3 sliced gingers; decoct them in water for a drink. Take it 1-2 times a day. It can clear away heat and remove dampness and is applicable to the acute gastroenteritis of warm-heat type which is characterized with frequent vomiting and diarrhoea, sour and rancid puke, smelly stool, severe abdominal pain or fever and red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, wiry and rapid pulse.

(4) The Medicated Diet for the Prevention of Acute Enteritis: Gruel of White Gourd and the Seed of Job’s tears
Process: Wash the rice and the seed of Job’s tears clean respectively; peel the white gourd, take out the seeds of it and wash it clean; cut it into pieces and add the rice, the seed of Job’s tears and moderate water to cook with strong fire; remove the floating foam and then cook the gruel with slow fire until it is done.

(5) The Medicated Diet for the Prevention of Acute Enteritis: Balsam pear and Pork ribs Soup
Process: Put the pork ribs in the pot and add the sliced ginger, shallot, yellow wine and moderate water to cook with low fire until the meat is done; add the chopped balsam pear and cook with high fire for another 3-5 minutes; season with the salt, chicken essence for serving.

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