Hemorrhage of Upper Digestive Tract TCM Therapy

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Food for hemorrhage of upper digestive tract

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1) Day Lily Drink
Ingredients: Day lily 60g, sliced fresh lotus root 60g, Rhizoma Imperatae (Baimaogen) 30g.
Process: Decoct all the ingredients for the soup. It is applicable to the supplementary treatment of the hemorrhage of upper digestive tract due to the heat in stomach or liver.

2) Stewed Hen with Astragalus mongholicus and Codonopsis pilosula
Ingredients: A hen, Radix Astragali (Huangqi) 15g, Codonopsis pilosula 9g.
Process: 1) Slay and rinse the hen and warp the other two ingredients with gauze; then add it into the hen; 2) stew the chicken in moderate water with moderate shallot, ginger and salt with the slow fire till it is done; eat the chicken and drink the soup; it is applicable to nourish qi and stop bleeding.

3) Eclipta Alba and Red date Tea
Take 50g of fresh Eclipta Alba leaves and 8-10 red dates to decoct in two bowels of water till a bowel of decoction is left. To be taken twice a day. It is helpful to notify liver and kidney and nourish yin and blood.

4) Gruel of the Seed of gardenia
Ingredients: Rhizoma Imperatae (Baimaogen) 30g, sliced lotus root 40g, rice 100g, fine powder of the seed of gardenia.
Process: Decoct the rhizoma imperatae in water to get the decoction by removing the dregs; add in other ingredients to cook for the gruel; add in the powder when the gruel is nearly done; then go on cooking for a while. To be taken twice a day. It is applicable to the supplementary treatment of hemorrhage of upper digestive tract due to the hyperactivity of liver-heat.

5) Take 14 kapoks and moderate lean meat to cook for eating; it is applicable to haematemesis.

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