Hemorrhage of Upper Digestive Tract TCM Therapy

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Preventing hemorrhage of upper digestive tract

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1) Teat the protopathy positively and insist the whole course of treatment. This is the best method for prevention (The second class prevention).

2) The first class prevention which refers to the prevention of protopathy.

(1) Insist on a regular work and sleeping habit and avoid excessive work; keep a good mood.

(2) Avoid over-eating, excessive drinking and smoking.

(3) Insist on taking proper exercises. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis.

3) Keep a balance between the work and rest. It is advisable to take some leisure sports and avoid the drastic exercises such as quick run and walking.

4) The function of immunity system is closely related to the mood. The bad mood may cause the hematemesis of upper digestive tract. So keep a positive mood is important for the prevention and treatment of disease.

5) If the symptoms of protopathy happen again for the patients with the history of repeatedly attacking of the hematemesis of upper digestive tract. The proper treatment should be taken from the experts to avoid the attack of disease.

6) When bleeding stops, people should gradually take the watery food with rich nutrition. 1-2 days after that, the watery food with high heat quantity and vitamin should be taken and the intake of natrium and protein should be restricted. People should take more meals a day and each time with fewer amounts and avoid taking hard food to avoid reoccurring of hematemesis due to the injury of mucosa of the digestive tract.

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