Hemorrhage of Upper Digestive Tract TCM Therapy

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Hemorrhage of upper digestive tract in TCM

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hemorrhage of upper digestive tract in tcmHemorrhage of upper digestive tract refers to the bleeding due to the lesion of the digestive tracts above the Treitz ligament, which include the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum or pancreas. Bleeding because of the lesion of jejunum after the anastomotic operation is also belongs to this category. Hemorrhage refers to the amount of bleeding in several hours is more than 1000ml or the 20% of the blood circulation volume. Its clinical manifestations are main the hematemesis or melena and which is usually with the acute circulatory failure. This is a common acute disease and the death rate of it is up to 8-13.7%. In recent tens of years, the bleeding area and reason can be diagnosed quickly due to the wide application of endoscope, selective radiography of artery in abdominal cavity and the scam of abdomen with the radioactive nuclein (99mTc).

According to the clinical manifestations, it belongs to "tu xue" (hematemesis) and "bian xue" (hematochezia) in TCM. This disease usually attacks suddenly with serious conditions. The prostration syndromes of yin depletion and yang depletion may occur at any time due to the disease, which is dangerous to the life. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis.

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