Hemorrhage of Upper Digestive Tract TCM Therapy

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Symptoms of hemorrhage of upper digestive tract

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1) Heat accumulation in the stomach: Spitting blood with dark purple color or bright red and food dregs, distending pain in the abdomen, dry mouth with foul smell, thirsty with desire to take cold drinks, dry stools with black color, red tongue with yellow and thick coating, smooth and rapid pulse.

2) Liver fire attacking the stomach: Spitting blood with bright red color or dark purple, black stools like the lacquer, bitter taste in the mouth, pain in the chest, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, dreaminess, or with aurigo, dark red tongue with yellow coating, thready and rapid pulse.

3) Spleen failure to govern: Spitting blood with dark color and which is aperiodic, loose stools or with black color, dull pain in the abdomen, dizziness, fatigue, pale complexion, palpitation, insomnia, light tongue with thin and white coating, thready and unsmooth pulse.  Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis.

4) Exhaustion of qi resulting from hemorrhea: Sudden attack, spitting blood with large amount, black stools or even with purplish color, pale complexion, palpitation, dizziness, restlessness, dry mouth, cold limbs, light tongue, weak and thready pulse.

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