Near Sight TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for near sight

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1) Mushroom and Seaweed Soup (Mogu Zicai Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Fresh oyster(250g), Mushroom(200g), Seaweed(30g), Sesame oil, salt and aginomoto(right amount)
PROCESS:Boil mushroom and ginger into boiling water for 20 minutes, then add fresh oyster and seaweed into the pot until it is well-done, take it. It can nourish yin and tonify yang, tonify spleen and supplement blood, improve eyesight.

2) Extract of Peanut, Melon Seed and Chinese-date (Huangsheng Guazi Zaoni Gao)
INGREDIENTS: Peanut kernel(120g), Cucurbitae semina(60g), Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae),80g; Rice flour(250g), Soybean meal(30g)
PROCESS: Fry peanut kernel and cucurbitae semina and remove the peels, denucleate the Chinese-date, smash them thoroughly, then add wet rice flour and soybean meal and 20g lard oil for stew for 40 minutes. It can tonify spleen and nourish blood, improve eyesight.

3) Lycium and Crucian Carp Soup (Gouqi Jiyu Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Crucian Carp (about 2000g), 1; Lycium(10g)
PROCESS: Wash crucian carp clean and remove the viscera, boil with lycium, the meat can be eaten and the soup can be drunk. The crucian carp also can be replaced by blanquillo or other fishes. Indication: myopia, blurred vision.

4) Drink of Milk and Egg (Niunai Jidan Yin)
INGREDIENTS: Egg (1), Milk (one cup), Honey(one spoonful),
PROCESS: Smash the egg into a cup of hot milk and boil over a slow fire until it is well-done, season it with honey before eating. Indication: myopia.

5) Pork Liver and Egg Soup (Zhugan Dan Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Pork liver(150g), Egg(1)
PROCESS: Wash pork liver clean and cut into slices, add oil into a pot and fry the pork liver, add millet wine and water to boil until it is well-done, add egg and little amount of water for eating. Indication: myopia.

6) Tremella and Lycium Decoction (Yinqi Mingmu Tang)
INGREDIENTS: Tremella(20g), Fructus Lycii (Gouqizi) 20g, Jasmine(10g)
PROCESS: Decoct all the above ingredients, take it as a drink, one dose a day, continuously take for several days. Indication: Myopia due to liver-kidney deficiency.

7) Stew Pork Liver with Lycium (Gouqi Dun Zhugan)
INGREDIENTS: Pork liver(300g), Fructus Lycii (Gouqizi) 20g, Edible oil, green onion, ginger, white sugar, millet wine and starch(Right amount)
PROCESS: Wash pork liver clean and boil with lycium in right amount of water for one hour, take out the pork liver and cut into slices, put oil, green onion and ginger in a pot, then fry the pork liver slices until it is well-done, stir the white sugar, millet wine and little amount of soup evenly, add starch into the soup to cook with the pork liver. Indication: Myopia and epiphora induced by wind.

8) Lycium Gruel (Qishi Zhou)
INGREDIENTS: Fructus Lycii (Gouqizi) 20g, Semen Coicis (Yiyiren) 30g, Rice(right amount) 
PROCESS: Boil all the above ingredients until it is well-done, season it with flavoring for eating. Indication: Various 

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