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How TCM diagnoses near sight

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(1) The prominent symptoms of myopia are distant vision lower, but near vision are normal. Generally, myopic degree is the higher the distant vision is worse, but there is not a strictly ratio. Speaking commonly, 3.00 D above nearsight, the distant vision will not more than 0.1. The 2.00 D will be in between 0.2 and 0.3. The 1.00 D will be 0.5 or may be better.

(2) Visual fatigue, is common in the low myopia, but not as obvious as far-sighted. This is due to the incoordinated set and regulation. High myopia look at goal objects so closed that the set can not function well, so they look at the objects with one eye, and this won't cause vision fatigue. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Open-angle Glaucoma.

(3) Eyes position, myopia do not need to adjust when they look at the close, so the relative sets function abate. Staying to balance of paravertebral muscle strength cannot maintain, eyes visual function was destroyed. The person suffered myopia are looking at the objects by one eye, the other eye turns to outside, becoming a temporary alternant strabismus. If the visual function of partial tropia is very bad and deflection happened earlier, will lead to the eye suffered partial tropia lose the Solid depending on the ability, and then lead to one eye strabismus.

(4) The eyeball. High degree myopia commonly belongs to axial myopia. The eyeball rear and front axle elongate, the elongation almost limited to the posterior pole. The symptom of high degree myopia is the eyeball out prominent, the anterior chamber is deep and pupils turned large and reflected dull. Because of do not exist adjusting stimulation, and the ciliaris muscle especially the ringing part are at the state of atrophy, the extremely high myopia makes crystal unable to support the iris, so bring about mild iris tremor.

(5) Eye ground, low near-sighted eye does not change significantly, while high myopia, because of the axial excessively long, causes eye degenerative change.

1) Leopard grain shape eye: the blood vessels of the retina turns thinner straightened leaved after the optic disk. At the same time because choroidal capillary elongation, affects the retinal pigment epithelium of nutrition. As a result, the shallow pigment disappear making choroidal vascular exposed, like a leopard grain shape form of eye ground.

2) Myopia arc spots around the optic disk in sclera stretching force of choroidal traction, opening from the nipple temporal side to take. This brings about the sclera exposure forming an arc of white spot. If posterior pole of eye continues to expand, then withdraws gradually by the suprachoroidal nipple lateral stretched to the optic disk. Then finally forms circular spot. This spot is visible in irregular pigment and choroidal vascular sclerosis. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Open-angle Glaucoma.

3) The yellow spot may change into the irregular, alone or fusion white atrophy spot, sometimes with visible bleeding. In addition, I know a near macular degeneration lesions, performance for a black circular area, slightly less than the optic disk, the edge can be seen small circular bleeding, called Foster-Fuchs spot.

4) sclerotic grapes at the back of the eye, the rear of the eyeball extends, limited to a small part, from slices can be seen a sharp spike, called sclerotic grapes after swell. The atrophic lesions happened in macular place, can operate the central vision.

(5) The serrate cystic degeneration.

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