Near Sight TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for near sight

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(1) Eye exercises
1) Knead Tianying (ashi point):Knead Tianying (ashi point) gently with thumbs.

2) Squeeze and press Jingming (BL 1): Knead gently Jingming (BL 1) with one thumb, first press, then squeeze upward. Location: On the face, in the depression slightly above the inner canthus.

3) Knead Sibai (ST2): Press Sibai (ST2) with forefinger. Location: On the face, directly below the pulil, in the depression of the infraorbital foramen.

4) Press Taiyang (EX- HN 5), scrap orbits: Press Taiyang (EX- HN 5) with thumbs, then  scrap gently orbits with facies medialis of second knuckle of bend forefinger, from inner upper to the outer upper to outer lower to the inner lower, press Cuanzhu (BL 2), Yuyao (EX-HN4), Sizhukong (TE23), Tongziliao (GB 1)">Tongziliao (GB 1), Qiuhou (EX-HN7), Chengqi (ST 1). It’s effective to pseudomyopia and prevent increase degree of myopia. Location of Taiyang (EX- HN 5): At the temporal part of the head, between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer canthus, in the depression one finger breadth behind them.

(2) Moving the eyes: the head is fixed, try to turn eyes to left for 25 times, then turn right for 25 times, a distention sensation appears in the nape, rub it for a while to relieve. Pay attention to whether the eyes will become brighter, if not, turn the eyes for 50 times until a distention sensation occurs on the nape, then rub it for 2 minutes to relieve. 

(3) Look into the distance from a high place for half an hour or one hour every day. For example, look the distant trees, roof, the farer, the better, concentrate the sight on the far place.

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