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How to prevent near sight

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(1) Pay attention to ear more nutrition and more fresh vegetable. Do not partialize for a particular kind of food.

(2) Do not read books or newspapers when eating, walking or taking a bus.

(3) When reading books or newspaper, the eyes should keep 30 cm distances and 45 degrees with the desk. Avoid using eyes for a long time in a close distance.

(4) Avoid reading books or newspaper in the car or the place lack of light or under bright light. The light should be equably shined from the back or left side of the body.

(5) Avoid unclean towel or public washbowl so as not to infect.

(6) Have enough sleep and do some outdoor activities, look far into the distance of green plants.

(7) Take eyes exercise for 3-4 times every day. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Open-angle Glaucoma.

(8) Don’t watch TV, play computer or play game console for a long time. Keep a distance between eyes and fluorescent screen.

(9) Take regular visual examination in order to find problems and take treatment timely.

(10) When leaning, the body must sit up with head straight, the height of desk and chair should be appropriate, and do not rest the head on the desk or lie in the bed to read.

(11) After reading or writing for half and hour to one hour, people should take a few minutes to look far into the distance or close eyes or do eye exercises.

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