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Definition of orchitis in TCM

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definition of orchitis in tcmOrchitis refers to testicular tissue inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infections. It can be divided into two categories: acute and chronic orchitis in clinic. Acute orchitis is affected by the infection of other parts of the body, which get to the testicles through the blood or lymphatic circulation, such as acute bacterial orchitis, mumps complicated orchitis, etc. Patient with chronic orchitis is affected by non-complete treatment of acute non-specific infection of orchitis, because the pathological changes of the testicular fibrosis atrophy, which often protract the pathogenic process.
This disease belongs to the category of "Zitong" in clinic. The ancient medical books have discussed this disease. The root of this disease is in testis with liver as the nature of this disease. So, it can be treated from the liver with eliminating evil to support the healthy energy. 
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