Orchitis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for orchitis

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a. Cactus Flower and Lean Pork Soup (Xianrenzhang Shourou Tang):
INGREDIENTS: Cactus Flower(15g), Lean Pork(100g), Condiments(right amount)
PROCESS: Wash Cactus Flower clean and cut into pieces; wash lean pork clean and cut into slices, and boil in the water for a while, add green onion, ginger, hot pepper and garlic to boil until the meat is well-done, then add Cactus Flower, table salt and aginomoto to boil for a while, take one dose a day.

b. Pumpkin Flower and Lean Pork Bolus Soup (Nanguahua Rouwan Tang):
INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin Flower(5), Lean Pork(50g), Condiments(right amount)
PROCESS: Wash the Pumpkin Flower clean and drain; get rid of the green onion silk, wash it clean and cut into powder; add the condiments and green onion powder to the muddy flesh and stir it evenly, make it into boluses to boil until the muddy flesh is well-done, then add Pumpkin Flower to boil for a while, season it with condiments before taking the soup and take the soup one dose a day.

c. Stir Arrowhead Flower with Dandelion (Ciguhua Ban Pugongying):
INGREDIENTS: Fresh Arrowhead Flower, Dandelion and condiments(right amount),
PROCESS: Wash fresh Arrowhead Flower and Dandelion clean, cut Dandelion into pieces and put into a big bowl, add green onion, ginger, aginomoto, table salt, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic to stir evenly for eating. Two doses a day.

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