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How to prevent orchitis

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(1) Patients with acute orchitis should avoid tiring and stay in bed for rest. If need to stand up to walk, the scrotum is better to be wrapped by the towing strap, which is made of cloth, in order to avoid overhanging scrotum and relieve pain and swelling. Patients, who already had an operation of orchidotomy to discharge pus, should pay attention to keep the scrotum drainage unblocked. 

(2) Dietary habits. Patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in order to enhance the intake of vitamin C, improve the body anti-inflammatory ability, while eat less pig’s feet, fish soup, mutton, etc., lest the secretions in the inflamed parts increase, the orchitis further infiltrate and spread to aggravate the symptom. 

(3) Avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, smoking, drinking, prolong standing and sitting, excessive sexual life, frequent masturbation, etc., to prevent the onset of the orchitis.

(4) The important method to prevent orchitis is to vaccinate the susceptible children below 1 year old against live mumps virus to prevent epidemic parotitis and subsequent orchitis.

(5) Pay attention to protect the testicle. The testicle protection is one of the important methods to solve male sexual dysfunction. Man can massage the testicle with both hands in a bath or before sleep. The manipulation is pinch the testicle gentle to massage clockwise and anti-clockwise for10 minutes respectively. It will get a better effect if insist in massage for a long term. If feel pain when massaging, patients must go to hospital to have an examination in time cause may suffer from orchitis or epididymitis. 

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