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Definition of trachoma in TCM

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definition of trachoma in tcmTrachoma is a chronic inflammatory ocular disease of conjunctiva and cornea caused by a strain of bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. In clinic, it mainly shows the symptoms of papillary hyperplasia of palpebral conjunctiva, follicle formation and pannus above the cornea. Its spread has much to do with the patients' health habits,
living environment, nutritional and medical conditions, and so on. According to WHO's statistics, trachoma has made 0. 36 billion of people in the globe suffering from various visual disorders and at least 2 millions of them have become blindness because of trachoma. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Trachoma.

Since the disease is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, its antigens are the types of A, B, C and Ba.
Clinically, the disease pertains to "Jiaochuang" ( trochomata) in traditional Chinese medicine. Its exopathic cause is ocular filth and invasion of pathogenic wind-heat, and the endopathic cause is accumulation of pathogenic heat in the spleen and stomach.  The key pathogenesis of the disease is that the combination of interior pathogenic heat and toxin accumulates up to the eyelid, which gives rise to stagnated meridians and disorder of qi and blood. Wind, heat and blood stasis form the pathological nature of the disease. Although it occurs in the eyelid, the disease is associated with the conditions of spleen and stomach.

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