Trachoma TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for trachoma

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1) 20g wolfberry fruit, 60g rice, one egg and one green onion. Grind wolfberry fruit into powder and decoct with 3 cups of water until the water have fallen by half, soak rice into cold water for 30 minute, then pour into the pot, boil with wolfberry fruit into gruel, add egg and chopped green onion when turn off the fire, stir it evenly before eating. This recipe has the effect of nourishing yin and tonify yang, nourishing the liver to improve visual acuity and losing weight.

2) Black Fungus and Chinese-date Gruel (Heimuer Hongzao Zhou)
Black fungus, 15-30g
Chinese-date, Fruetus Ziziphi Jujubae (with no stones), 20
Polished round-grained rice, 50g
Crystal sugar, right amount
PROCESS: Wash polished round-grained rice clean and soak into cold water for half an hour, take out and drain it; have black fungus soaked in hot water to make them puffy and soft, get rid of the bases and impurity, then tear into petaloid shapes; wash Chinese date clean and get rid of kernel. Add above 1000ml water into a pot, the add polished round-grained rice and boil over a strong fire, then add black fungus, Chinese date, boil them over a slow fire for 45 minutes until they are well-done, season it with crystal sugar for eating.
Efficiency: To tonify qi and nourish blood, cool blood and stop bleeding. Indicated for trachoma, hypertension with fundus hemorrhage.

3) Wolfberry fruit and chrysanthemum tea: Infuse them in boiling water, take it as a drink. It can relax and brighten eyes.

4) Wolfberry fruit and pork liver soup: This soup has the effect of clearing heat, eliminating eyestrain and black eye due to stay up late.

5) Cut 50g pork liver and 150g carrot and boil them with a bowl of water until it is well-done, season it with little amount of oil and salt for eating, 3 times a day, continuously eating one week can cure the disease. Avoid Chinese chives, onion, garlic, hot pepper. This recipe is applicable to trachoma. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Trachoma.

6) Boil dry 50g Mulberry Leaf with a bowl of water, drop into the eyes for 3-5 times every day, continuously drop one week. It’s applicable to trachoma.

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