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What are the symptoms of trachoma

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1. Syndrome of Wind and Heat Invasion of Eyelid:
Main Symptoms and Signs:  Slight itching of the eye with uncomfortable and unsmooth sensation, little dry eye secretion, photophobia, lacrimation, light redness in the conjunctiva with a few red granules, obscure general symptoms; thin tongue coating and floating pulse. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Trachoma.

2. Syndrome of Excessive Heat in Spleen and Stomach:
Main Symptoms and Signs: Dry itching and pain of the eye with profuse tears and gum, redness in the conjunctiva with more granules, constipation; reddish tongue with a yellowish coating and a rapid pulse.

3. Syndrome of Stagnation of Blood Heat:
Main Symptoms and Signs: Stabbing pain in the eye with burning and unsmooth sensation9 photophobia, lacrimation, profuse tears and gum, hard swelling eyelid with a heavy falling sensation and difficult to open, obvious redness of the conjunctiva covered with rough granules, trachomatous pannus of cornea, vexation and dryness in the mouth; reddish tongue with yellowish coating and a rapid pulse.

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