Trachoma TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for trachoma

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(1) Do eye exercises everyday to improve blood circulation and regulating state of eyes. 

(2) Insist on physical exercises, especially for outdoor exercises. 

(3) Find a grassland or greenery with more than 10m. The green can relax eyes and ciliaris to relieve eyestrain due to green has short wavelength and form image before retina. 

(4) Find a place with fresh air, sit down or stand up with whole body relax, keep two eyes look forward, breath in slowly with eyes opened, stop for a while, then breath out slowly with eyes closed, repeat it for 9 times. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Trachoma.

(5) Apply eyes: it’s better to adopt sitting position with whole body relaxed and eyes closed, then rub two palms quickly until they are hot, then apply hot palms to both eyes until palms become cold, take away palms, at the same time, open two eyes forcibly, repeat it for 3-5 times. It can improve blood circulation of the eyes and enhance metabolism. 

(6) Keep quiet to protect eyes: Sit down with whole body relaxed and eyes closed, put both hands on the knee, keep the palms upward (downward for cardio-cerebrovascular patients), imagine that you are in the atmosphere and qi is in your whole body, the unity of nature and humanity, and qi severs for you, rest quietly to recuperate for 15 minutes, then open eyes slowly, take three deep breath until qi sinks down to Dantian, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

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