Trachoma TCM Therapy

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How to prevent trachoma

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(1) Keep a good habit, avoid rubbing eyes with hands, wash and dry towel and handkerchief in the sun.

(2) Trim the nails and wash hands frequently, avoid using the washing face water and towel with family members.

(3) It should treat disease for patients with trachoma, strengthen disinfection system, pay attention keep source of water clean, guarantee source of water supply to prevent trachoma transmission.

(4) Use your own towel and handerchief, avoid sharing the washbasin with others. Strengthen the sanitary control to the public service trades and do a good job of sterilizing the towel appliance.

(5) Take a regular inspection so as to achieve the objective of early finding and early treatment. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Trachoma.

(6) Students should guarantee enough sleep everyday, have a balanced diet, overcome bad red-write habits, take an active part in extracurricular sports activities to broaden horizon, take periodic inspection of eyes twice every year to know the change of eyesight timely and take active actions to correct defective vision.

(7) Eat more foods rich in vitamin A, which is good for eyes. The best sources of vitamin A are various animal livers, cod-liver oils, milk, eggs and vegetal foods, such as carrot, edible amaranth, spinach, Chinese chives, green pepper, red heart sweet patato and carotene came from orange, apricot, persimmon, etc. 

(8) Avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, such as hot pepper, ginger, roasted foods, etc. Avoid greasy foods, such as fatty pork, fatty beef flank, etc.

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