Hyperplasia of Breast TCM Therapy

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Definition of hyperplasia of breast in TCM

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definition of hyperplasia of breast in tcmIt refers to chronic non-suppurative masses in different sizes and forms happening in the breasts of women. Its clinical feature is mass in the bilateral or unilateral breast, accompanied by distending pain, unclear margin, obvious distending pain aggravated before menstruation and relieved after menstruation. This disease is most commonly seen in the middle-aged and young women at the age of 30 to 40 and its incidence decreases obviously after menopause. It is believed in Western medicine that endocrine dysfunction inside the woman's body is a main pathogenic factor. If it is not cured for long time, it can develop into mammary cancer in some patients. Therefore, sufficient attention must be paid to clinically.  Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

It is believed in Chinese medicine that this disease belongs to the category of "Breast Mass" and "Nodule in Breast", mostly caused by emotional injury, accumulation of liver qi, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blockage of the collaterals of the breast, or over fatigue, insufficiency in the liver and kidney, disharmony of the Thoroughfare Vessel and Conception Vessel, and accumulation of phlegm due to qi stagnation. In addition, this disease can also be caused by improper food intake, failure of the spleen in transportation, mixture of phlegm and stasis in the collaterals of the breast. Clinically, the onset and changing rule of hyperplasia of mammary lobule are closely related to changes in menstrual cycle and emotion, and accumulation of phlegm due to stagnation of liver qi is the main pathogenesis. Consequently, it is necessary to adhere to the therapeutic principle to soothe the liver, relieve stagnation, dissolve phlegm and disperse accumulation in the clinical treatment.

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